How can I set player skin by url or name?

sponge 8.0

This is plugin for change player skin in sponge 7.0

How can I set player skin by url or name in sponge 8.0 ?

Please help me.

That plugin actually has a dev build for api 8+.

This is how its done

not support for sponge 8.0 I’ve tested.

Do you mean the plugin or the code?

plugin SkinsRestorer not support 8.0

Just tried it myself, I see what you mean, while there is Sponge API 8 code, attempting to run the latest dev version results in a MissingMethodException

I had a go at fixing this error and managed to do it by only removing the shading and mertrics.

I found the code for Sponge 8 does actually work in terms of code and changing the skin, just seems they couldnt get a good gradle build for it, but fixing it yourself does work. I maybe able to fork it and then apply my changes.