How did you learn programming?

Although a similar question has been asked in another thread, the question I would like to pose here is how did you learn to program if you are a developer. I am personally self-taught, I started setting up Batch scripts for my currently nonexistent minecraft server, decided to mod minecraft, then decided to make bukkit plugins, then messed around with gui’s and stuff in java. Now im working on this. I do however plan on taking a formal Java course. What about you?

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I started programming with RobotC participating in FIRST robotics competitions I taught myself to use the programming language and my team was one of the only ones not using a graphical language. Once I had mastered that language I learned C++ on visual studio, then I learned C# on the same platform. Around this time I got interested in bukkit plugins and minecraft modding. I self-taught myself Java and started coding plugins and mods. I have taken a formal Java class and a formal C++ class. I am a fairly decent Java and C++ and C# programmer now. I have taught myself many other languages such as Python, Ruby, Perl, Bash scripting and PHP.

I started programming at around 10 or 11.

After discovering that Python was installed on my computer, I looked it up, discovered that it was a programming language.
Over the course of several weeks, I learned Python using How to Think Like a Computer Scientist.

For a year or two, I wrote small, simple programs on my own - having no knowledge of open source.

After discovering Github, I began to get involved in OpenHatch - the first open source project I ever contributed to.

As I began to get more interested in programming, I learned Ruby, Java, Javascript, C, and Go.

Calculators, people. I used them in middle school classes, but my real experience came when I programmed my own 84+SE. This experience does contribute to my habit of using one-letter variable names, and it took me a bit of deciphering Haskell code to repress it.
At the same time, I was programming with Game Maker, which is now complete rubbish to me.
After that, I started with C for the TI-89. One of my programs written in that language was a graphics editor. With grayscale and exporting to AMS’s format (unfortunately not in grayscale). Surely beats drawing on the graphscreen with that annoying crosshair. Search for “Kraphyko” if you’re interested.
I also learned a little Java when collaborating with a friend on a game (presumably failed).
Fast forward to tenth grade, where the programming class I took used Racket, or The Language with Lots of Parentheses. Then at the very end of the year, there was Scala, which I used extensively the following year. One of the best languages on Earth.
I also learned some Haskell even more recently, and right now I’m programming in Touhou Danmakufu, or The Language Used for Loli Shooting.