How do i and show pixelmon sprites with virutal chest? [Soloved]

Hi i trying to create a private pixelmon server and i was messing around with the virtutal chest and pixelmon placeholder plugin but i can’t seem to make my party slot pokemon show in virtutal chest with the same sprites


I dont know much about Virtual Chest, but that config is invalid which maybe the reason why its not working.

Trying something like the following

virtualchest" : {
    "Rows" : 6,
    "Slot0" : {
        "Item" : {
            "Count" : 1,
            "ItemLore" : [
            "ItemType" : "id",
            "UnsafeDamage" : 0
    "TextTitle" : "Example"

This is the edited version but i can’t seem to sync it with the national dex number it keep showing missingNo sprites

So close yet so far

Have you found the fix for this? Thanks