How do I check who triggered an exploding creeper?

The topic says everything.
I’m trying to find the trigger of a creeper explosion, but in the list of causes it only shows the creeper (unless I spawn it)…
I’m running an older version of sponge (3.1.0), if this changed in newer versions I would be happy if somebody had an idea for a work around since updating is sadly not an option for me.

API 3 is dead old and I do believe the issue is fixed. I am assuming you can not find the cause from the explode event and not the ignite event? if so, your going to need to do a work around where you listen for IgniteEvent and get the cause from that, from there do your stuff on the explode event with the cause from the ignite event. Due to the fact API 3 is not supported anymore I will not be testing to see if this work around works

API 3 is not only ancient but MANY things were not working correctly at this point. You have to update or find some people who will backport changes but you’ll be hardpressed to find anyone who will do that (since the codebase in bleeding is so different its almost a re-write lol).

Yeah, I know its dead and i really wish I could update to the newest, but I’m limited by a few mods :confused:
But thanks for the quick reply and I’ll try your work around.

Considering api 3.1.0 is for minecraft 1.8.9. I would seriously consider thinking about weather or not to use mod alternatives as it doesn’t look like the mods you are currently using are being updated by the developer anymore. Just saying.