How do i convert a github project into a jar?

I was just wondering if it was possible to convert this into a jar file i could use for a personal server for me and my friends. I tried looking up guides but nothing seems to be working.

There are a few ways to build a jar from sources code. The simplest way is to build it inside a IDE (Integrated development environment). I would recommend Intelij.

After installing an ide (and JDK if needed) then import the source code as a “gradle project” and then “build” as a gradle project. This should export the .jar plugin

That’s simplistic and doesn’t really apply here so much given it’s a Pixelmon side mod. The Pixelmon guys do not have a maven repo with an API (as far as I am aware), it’s more complicated than that. This person has Pixelmon locally and a libs directory cotaining other unspecified libs. You would need to gather everything yourself if you wanted to compile this.

All that said, you are best off trying to contact the author of the plugin. As there is no licence on the repo we have to assume it’s All Rights Reserved and we cannot legally do anything with it, other than what Github’s TOS grants us. Unfortunately, that does not include compiling and re-distributing, so we cannot do that for you.

I’m sorry.

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I know very little about pixelmon, all i know is that its popular but you can only run it using a form of reforged as it got a takedown notice of some kind.

Didn’t know about the lacking of a maven repo. So yeah, as dualspiral says, if you have a copy of pixalmon you could add it as a lib (and all other missing dependancies) that will fixed the issue.

Read duals post for more info