How do I find what player interacted with InteractBlockEvent?

There is no method for determining it in sponge API 3.0.0. I’m trying to detect when a player is clicking a sign. I can get the BlockSnapshot, which is okay but not as good as just the location, but I dont have a reference to the player. What can I do?

Wait, I just remembered there’s a page in the doc about Event Causes. Seems like it may answer my question

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Also, for future reference of people trying to find the solution to this as well, please include how with a code sample, it helps others not having to search and re-post the same question :wink:

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For future reference:

public void onEvent(InteractBlockEvent event) {
  Optional<Player> player = event.getCause().first(Player.class);

Or if you’re only wanting to handle player interactions:

public void onEvent(InteractBlockEvent event, @First Player player) {
    //do something with the player

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