How do I generate a world using a world generator mod (such as VoidWorldControl)

How do I generate a world using a world generator mod (such as VoidWorldControl)?

The docs seem to provide a solution to directly modify the world, but I want to create the world with a mod.

You seem to have been cut off in your original post. I don’t know about VoidWorldControl but to generate a world, that I know.

You first need to create a WorldArchetype, there are a few predefinded ones in WofldArchetypes.

After that you need to generate a unloaded world, also known as World Properties. You can generate one using

Sponge.getServer().createWorldProperties(name, worldArch);

After that, load the world up

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Thanks for the answer!

However, that’s not what I want.
I want to use a world generator MOD for Forge (SpongeForge). I’m talking of Natura etc.

Like Biomes-o-plenty?

To use this mod on a server, you must set the level-type setting in your file to BIOMESOP.Cursforge Biomes o’ plenty

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Thanks! I want to know how I create the world then. It’s no problem to set the level-type to BIOMESOP, rather the world creation itself.

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Are you talking like launching the server and creating the world?