How do you add nbt edit

I own a pixelmon server but idk how to get nbt edit to work i have placed it into my server mods folder on my ftp
and now when i do /nbtedit
nothing happens…

What is NBTEdit?
Is it a mod?
What version of Forge/Minecraft was it made for?
Did you restart the server?

Some more details would help tremendously, help us help you.

For the record, “NBT” is the name of the structure encoding that Minecraft uses to save the game.

So NBT Edit is a notoriously generic name with many different projects claiming it.

Nbt edit is like an editor for in game and out of game

i use pixelmon so the command is /nbtedit
it should open a gui to change the pokemons stats

but it doesnt my server is running cauldren 1.7.10
the mod is 1.7.10

  1. You are in the Sponge forums, whilst we don’t disallow talk of other platforms you are going to find better support for them elsewhere.

  2. I still need to know what NBTEdit is to help you, linking where you got it from would help.

There is literally a mod called NBTEdit, or more specifically In-game NBTEdit.

He’s talking about this one:

However it looks horrendously outdated. Perhaps someone made a port elsewhere.

I did search before posting, there are several projects, which is why I intentionally didn’t link anything, as asking outright without hinting leads to genuine responses.