How do you change where a nether portal takes you back to? Using portal-agents?

How can I change what world a nether portal takes you back to (once in the nether)?
My worlds are:

When a player enters a nether portal in world factions, it takes them to the nether. However, when they re-enter or create a new portal in the nether it takes them to the default world which is world. I’m trying to get it to take them back to the world where the portal was created (which was factions).

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Did you ever figure this out? I cannot get portal-agents to work.
Examples of the world.conf I have in the respective folders.
If anyone has made portal-agents work, I’d love to see your world.conf… and if anyone has a spare moment to look at the files below, maybe you can help if I have an error somewhere. Thank you kindly.
Overworld conf:
Nether conf:

Try MoveEntityEvent.Teleport.Portal, and call setToTransform.

I eventually got it to work by doing this

portal-agents {

this would take them back to the factions world instead of the “world”. I put this in the global sponge file

Thank you very much for trying to help. I am not familiar enough with what you are suggesting to even know where I would enter that. If you could point me in the right direction, that would be much appreciated. Is this a command I can give the server through /sponge? Or something else entirely?

Ah, that’s in the global. I wonder if the global overrides the world config files…
Also, I see you have “default_the_nether”… but in the automatically created conf file, they have it as “default_nether”… I wonder which one is correct.

ps - did you notice that folks who die in your nether do not go to your factions overworld, but instead go to the main overworld for the server?
If so, how did you fix the issue.
Much appreciated!

I think that is it… in the global.conf I had copied the wording from there but it must’ve been a conf file that was generated a long time ago and still had a typo in it.
it needs to read

Now I just need to figure out how to get players who die in that nether to respawn in the appropriate world rather than the main world.

If you have a different nether world you want them to be directed to, maybe alled “nether2”. Then changing this should work I think.

"minecraft:default_the_nether"=DIM-1 to "minecraft:default_the_nether"=nether2

Sorry, didn’t see the category. I was talking from the point of a plugin developer.

How do you make this work with modded dimensions? I have modded dimensions, but I do not see entries for them under portal-agents. For instance, I have “the midnight” mod on a server. Can I redirect where midnight portals send?

Also, can this work with bungeecord and redirect all portals made on one server to a dimension on another server?