How do you control mob spawning?


I’d like to know how you Sponge users control mob spawning and de-spawning in your server - stuff like spawn limits and ranges.
Of course vanilla behavior works fine on the Sponge server but I dislike mob spawning that far away (and keeping them spawned) as players most likely will never interact with mobs that far (up to 8 chunks). It is also a small number, offering no challenge.

When I used a Spigot server there were options like spawn-limits (bukkit.yml) to control the mob amount, which I used to increase and mob-spawn-range (spigot.yml) to control the chunk spawning distance, which I used to reduce to 4. This caused a lot of mob spawning within 64 blocks around the players, and mob de-spawning farther from that.

I know Sponge offers me the same mob-spawn-range option, which when I set to 4 the aggressive mob spawning seems completely disabled and only a couple animals pop around, and there are no options to control mob limits so the number stays too low. The options for soft and hard despawn ranges are there and seem to work as intended but they don’t really solve my problem.

I’m using Sponge Forge 1.8.9-1890-4.2.0-BETA-1762 (old, I know, but people wanna play Thaumcraft) and I had to resort to the “Custom Mob Spawner” mod to control spawning, which I very much dislike because its configuration files are overly modular and a pain in the ass to configure, also it causes weird spawning behaviour sometimes.

tl;dr: How do you control mob spawning in your Sponge server?