How do you like Windows 10?

Did you already tested/upgraded to Windows 10 ?

My opinion about Windows 10:

What i like:

  • Icons and System is upgraded to the modern look of the “new” Windows.
  • Metro is changed to be only useful for tablets
  • Startmenu is back!

What i dislike:

  • My notebook does not turn off anymore
  • Sometimes the sound does not work

My recommendation:
for now -> stay at Windows 7/8.1
for the future -> switch to Linux Mint

Let me hear your opinion.

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I haven’t tried windows 10 yet but I plan to. (Update reserved, waiting for it to tell me I can download it).

Aside from that I had to update to 8.1 just the other day, and PC is running better. So at least I have that going for me until 10 is ready.

@BitByte If you want to get the upgrade, go into regedit, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\OSUpgrade
Change or create the DWORD AllowOSUpgrade to 1
I set it to 0 in order to delay until I am ready, but changing to 1 did make windows prompt after a restart. If it already is 1 it could be something else stopping it (there’s some other registry keys too).

I have ran Windows 10 in a VM before finalizing what I will do on my actual machine, here’s a few things I will do:

So basically the end result is that it’s windows 10 with a windows 7 skin/L&F. The same as I did with the win 8.1 I have ATM. I’ve had the advantage of a VM to test out these changes before applying them for real. I had to recover win 8.1 several times when installing broken patches etc

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I really like Windows 10 and have no issues with it whatsoever. The first day I upgraded I had to downgrade because of some issues with NVIDIA drivers. However, I did some research and solved the issue, and now it is running perfectly.

Windows 10 is the best windows OS since 7. Or, dare I say it, XP.


Win8.1 runs considerably better than 10 and 7. At least for now…
We’ll see how it performs when it matures a bit.

Best OS until now? XP, hands down. And MS-DOS 6.22 :stuck_out_tongue:

10 runs lightyears faster than 8.1 for me. 7/XP, performance wise, didn’t compare to 8.1, let alone 10.

To be honest, I hold XP in high regard because of how long it was the best Windows OS. But it can’t compare on any practical level to 7, again, let alone to 8.1/10.

I think I skipped some nightmare between XP and 7. It may have rhymed with “batiste”.


I noticed higher battery drain on 10 and 7 than on 8.1x64. Might change in the future though.
Performancewise 10 runs better than 7 and 8.1, yes.

I don’t have a laptop to be able to test that. =/

I’ve been using Linux Mint Cinnamon for 3 years now and I’ll NEVER go back to Windows.

Inb4 someone forces you to use Win only software :stuck_out_tongue:

This (sadly) applies to me, i have to use CAD software which is win only :confused:

I’m loving W10 so far! I really like the virtual desktops and this wonderful thing that is that you can scroll an inactive window.

My PC can’t leave sleep mode without rebooting, though. That’s the only downside.

Any kind of Linux is not an option because my laptop was made for Windows. Using it with Linux is possible, sure, but it’s a waste of features (touchpad, keyboard shortcuts, Instant Key, the mouse, the headset).

What I like of windows 10. That awesome new feature called the start button :smiley:. Notification panel looks neat, but can be annoying if your windows isn’t legit (what is in my case, the case lol).

My only dislike for so far is unable to disable downloading of updates. If I start up my windows 10 VM for visual studio and check my bandwidth usage. It is downloading constantly with no way to turn it off … .

There’s always a way

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Would you mind sharing your research? I also have problems with the nvidia driver

Been running Windows 10 for quite a while since being part of the Insider preview. It’s definitely a step in the right direction. Performance wise I’ve seen little to no difference between 10 and 7, however this could be due to having a pretty powerful desktop to start with. Can’t speak for 8/8.1 as I only used it for the first month it was released before giving away the product key in disgust. Worst purchase ever.

I just download GeForce Experience and have it do all the driver work for me.

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Why would you disable everything that makes Windows 10 Windows 10?

It’s more about enabling things that Windows 10 removed/hid. I’m sure there are features of windows 10 that I will use in the future but I’d like it to be enabled when I choose rather than by default.

What i like: desktop look, and overall minimalistic desingn
What i dislike: privacy settings, basically microsoft has installed keylogger into windows 10 and calls it feature, and theres much more simmilar “features”
My recommendation: stay at win 7/linux.

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