How Fast Can You Type?

So I’m interested to see how fast the users here can type! To keep everything consistent, use this website to get your result.

Here’s mine!

Typing Test

My score is this:

Pls don’t kill me


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31 WPM. I’m actually suprised this website works on my phone, even though it is a little buggy. Couldn’t copy the link for example…

C’mon! Be serious!

Can’t type the best on this small laptop keyboard, still did okay I think…

At work I know I can type at as speed of ~80 wpm. But then again the stuff I type there is very repetitive. Type the same information well over five hundred times a day! :stuck_out_tongue:

The second image might expire. Not entirely sure.

Apparently i’m

better than 81.65% of all users (position 28348 of 154506 - last 24 hours)

Well that’s good for only using the three fingers out of 10 typing. As well as correcting every wrong word because I hate typing things wrong.

Here’s my attempt to @BitByte the system

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@BitByte the system?

(Apparently it only goes up to 255WPM) XD

Well, using a script I was able to get:

But this one is not showing up, darn you!

Visit the Typing Test and try!

The script:

var word_idx = 0;
var interval_per_word = 250; // in milliseconds
function hackit(){
        $('#inputfield').val(words[word_idx] + ' ');
        var keyup = jQuery.Event('keyup');
        keyup.which = 32;
        setTimeout('hackit()', interval_per_word);
setTimeout('hackit()', interval_per_word);

Taken from here


Visit the Typing Test and try!

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Visit the Typing Test and try!

i actually immediately went to 10fastfingers when i saw the title so i got lucky about using the same site to measure. lol.

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Visit the Typing Test and try!

I think it’s pretty good because I basically only use 3 to 4 fingers :stuck_out_tongue:



Visit the Typing Test

Apparently Runescape trained me well.

Come on and slam, and welcome to the jam.

I got 77 wpm here and 72 wpm here wrong words: “0”

Updated mine<nkf