How I should do this?

Hi all, I’m looking for set up a artificial woods on my server for to people can chop trees and hunts some animals. My question is the next:

1º How I can do that the “zone” regenerate himself each certain time to go back for the initial stage?

2º Exist some plugin can be able to make this?

3º Its possible to create a zone where only grow up sapplings each certain time and the same for the animals as you kill and chop —> new animals and sapplings appearing

I have several ideas in case anyone wants to develop a plugin for that.

Not 100% sure what you mean?

Do you mean you want a plugin where within a zone, players health will regen faster? Also within that zone all trees that are cut down have a sapling spawn? And if a animal dies then another one spawns?

If so are you requesting this plugin as noted by your the final note? Or something else? As by the category you it in and the title.


Yes.but each certain time.

Yeah, I wrote this in this section believing that with the plugins that exist right now in Sponge, it is possible to do that.

Then what do you mean by this.

How I can do that the “zone” regenerate himself each certain time to go back for the initial stage?

And also what do you mean by “certain time”? As in a timescale bases? Or when X happens? (Such as player join)?

An area with trees, animals or both, that when someone collects them we have to wait, for example, a real hour for more trees to grow and there are new animals.

As far as I know. No plugin exist like that.

You maybe able to get a current flag based protection system such as Grief Prevention to add extra flags like what your requesting

I made an old plugin called LeafRegen that does basically this… it was requested as is… it basically worked by running a scheduled task to do a restore function of the block. Instead of targeting an area, it was coded in such a way that if the tree had been naturally placed by the server, when someone broke the log, it would restore itself after x period of time.

Oh great.
That is, if I put a sappling, (and not one generated by the default map) regenerate every X time?
I’ll take a look later. Works currently with API7?

I don’t honestly know if it works with API 7… the code is compiled against api 5 but I can’t see much really being different.

Just off the top of my head:

  • The scheduled task might have to be changed to a non-async task, since it does affect blocks in the world
  • You could modify the code to have it restore the block (sapling) if only air exists (So no tree)
  • You would need to check your UUID against the Creator of the sapling because it was coded to work for naturally occuring blocks.