How much do you read in a week?

BTW, Sponge forums do not count.

I read around 27 hours a week, sometimes more almost never less, I read wayyy to much.

Whenever I make a mistake in my code.

I don’t really time it per week. But I usually rush trough trilogies. But my record is 19 hours with this trilogy :stuck_out_tongue::

(Cried hard on the end … :frowning:)

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I wonder if ‘Reading’ counts as Twitter & Anime… Then it will be alot.
But else, Manga, Manga, Manga.
[Around 3 hours a day on manga]

I read 100 minutes each day at least. (Thank you buses!)

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AT LEAST five hours a week, more of I’m on a plane (which is a lot). I am a readaholic.


Sheesh. This reminds me of how little I read. I am considered a math genius, but I need to heavily improve my comprehension of literacy–writing is my weakest subject. I was forced to read unwind, but I was forced to take a month to read 300 pages, and that’s all the reading I really got besides annotations.

I hope to speed throught the rest of unwind (over the weekend hopefully)

It actually varies. I don’t like to read two books at the same time, and, because I still have Portuguese at school, I must read some semi-boring books occasionally, thus not reading anything else. However, when I’m reading a book I like, I can read up to 3/4 hours a day.

Hmmm. Not that much ATM but there where times (when I actually had the time to do so) when I’d read an entire trilogy in 1 and 1/2 days. Now I just sit infront of my computer talking to people on the internet…

It’s weird, I’m top of my class in mathematics and linguistics.

Same here (assuming linguistics is English). I’m also getting an excellence for computing and science at the end of term.

wishes he was literate


Then how are you on the forums?



I’ve experienced 30hours a week before, it was a nightmare, I made sure it won’t happen again.

At least 14hrs a week. Not that much.