How old are you?

After seeing this thread: Where are you from? - #20 by RandomByte
i thought it might be interesting to see how old everyone is :wink:

I’ll start (obviously…):
I’m 838010357 seconds old.

Nice idea doctor, i edited my age.

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I’m 473353890 seconds (everyone post in some weird way where no one can strait up know your age, let’s make this a game)

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My age is 39420000 seconds. Young.

473354280000 milliseconds.

Wait. What? Obvious troll is obvious.
Or Doctor and Bammerbom are twins…


8.205e+17 nano seconds

I am 583803612000 millicycles old.



About 1.1373*10^52 Planck time units.

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5.049 × 10^17 nanoseconds

I’m 1.8 dog-years.

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I am born at 795277560 UTS. The current time is 1431013323 UTS. So I am 635735763 seconds old.
Silly computers.

I was born that time ago in which the light can travel 1.41915E+14 km far. :smirk:

4.09968e+17 nanoseconds. :slight_smile:

I think you missed one “0”.

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I was born on the 29/05/1997 (DD / MM / YYYY)

I am currently 17 years old at the time of this post, coming up to 18.

leNic.currentTimeMillis().equals(540259200000) == true

I am 1.67e-7% of the age of the universe.

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I am not old. I am a young lad.