How reload mods folder (for plugins) without restart?

I am new to Sponge plugin development, I have to restart the server when I modified my plugin. The restart is quite long, it is quite embarrassing.
Do you know any alternatives for reload plugin without restart ? (I tested /sponge plugins reload and the others of course)

Thank you.

Because of the way sponge (and forge) works, there is no enforced reload option. It is up to the individual plugins to bind in to the sponge plugins reload command, or implement their own reload.

While this has a slight inconvenience at times for plugins that can’t reload from config without a restart, it overall makes sponge and it’s plugins much more stable.


If you need to debug your code, you can clone the Sponge repository and set your plugin workspace as a dependency, and then run the server in debug mode. Then you can hotswap code whenever you need to.