How should I act on this Timings Report?

I commented out the worldname as I don’t want to advertise:

First to begin with mobSpawn, is that the number of mobs or is it literally the act of deciding where and when a mob should be spawned if that makes sense? Is there any immediate way to address this issue which seems to be causing a low TPS? Maybe possible changes that could be made in Sponge’s global.conf file?

With regard to “Scheduled Blocks”, what is this? I can see “Scheduled Blocks” also includes “Scheduled Blocks Ticking” (the one appearing below it) but also “Scheduled Blocks Cleanup”. The cleanup appears to be negligible, it’s the ticking one that’s causing issues. Under this “Scheduled Blocks - Ticking” I can see some redstone related things but also some listeners from my plugins?

On to the next one, I’m not sure what “Plugin Scheduler” is. If I click on its arrow, I again of course see some of my plugin names.

Haha also I’m not convinced I know what entityTick and tileEntityTick are. Again though, is this something that is addressable in the global.conf file?

I appreciate that’s a lot. Thanks in advance for any replies.