How things are going on your area?

I know most of us here chose to be busier with our work-from-home job now more than ever because of previous lockdown and/or isolation, but I’m sure besides that, we are still keeping ourselves up-to-date on what’s going on outside our own backyard.

Is your local government planning for another lockdown again? I’ve heard that a couple of states are issuing lockdown already. My city’s been fairing well but we are still high on Covid cases, but with yuletide season coming in, not sure how bad it can get again.

Daily confirmed cases have reached an all-time peak which led to another nation-wide lockdown for the entirety of November. Masks are mandatory in all interior and outside areas.

We coped with the 1st wave of infections surprisingly well, but a large portion of the population apparently was sick (no pun intended) of the pandemic and decided to go about their lives like normal. So we’re back to quarantine before things get even more out of hand.

I just found out about this article and I thought I could share and leave it here, a good read for most of us that’s trying to maintain our mental well-being during these days. Always keep yourself safe.

Restaurants in my city have started accepting customers for in-dining not like before that they are only open for online or phone deliveries. Schools have started but only for homeschooling, most of the families are new and a bit overwhelmed by the idea of homeschooling, distant learning, modules, and the like. My own neighborhood is still strict on implementing security and safety protocols inside the village. More and more people are going back to work each day but with worries that Covid-19 cases will rise up again due to everything going back to normal. I just wish that this pandemic will last only until this year, and praying that the vaccines being made will work without any repercussions. Btw, thanks for sharing!

Look at the positive side. We have a vaccine on the horizon. We got an opportunity to retrospect on our lifestyles.

Hopefully we all are at least mentally inoculated against carelessness and hopefully we all gained lessons on improving personal hygiene.

You will get over it, just like everyone else. We are all in this together.

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Thanks for the sound advice, man. I appreciate it.