How to avoid the character limit

Hopefully I’m not violating a rule by saying this, but if you want to make simple replies (such as “yes”) :: here’s what you do:

Append the following to your message:
<yay avoided the limit>

(shh don’t tell the spammers)




You can also accomplish this by using multiple markdown tags in a row.
E.g. test************

I’ve used Discourse before, so I have some experience.

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Nice, this is the first Discourse forum that I’ve been a contributor to.


should be added to this :D


Interesting discovery you made there :smile: but I think this may give us spammers haha open in new tab

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Please do not mark posts in this topic as spam… That’s just more work for admins to go through and deal with. This topic is specifically about how to avoid the character limit and people are testing it out. In this case, it is obviously not spam. In the future, if people were to use this method to spam other topics, that would be an issue and it would be dealt with accordingly. So please stop flagging the posts :expressionless:


Like this?

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Wow, this is epic!

@xxmarijnw Ok, I liked it.

Got ya. I meant “You mean LIKE THIS”. Not can you guys like this? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know, it was a joke (like this)xD

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The simple way of avoiding the character limit is by creating quality posts :trollface:



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