How to build plugin with patched Sponge Forge/Common/API


I’m devolping plugin for my own server on version 1.10.2 (unsupported, yeah)
And I found some bugs in SpongeCommon that I could fix.
The question is: how to properly build a plugin with custom patched Sponge Forge/Common/API?

I mean, how do I need to setup my IntelliJ environment to write code, build and run it if I don’t want to build SpongeForge and plugin and copy it every time to my server directory and then run?

P.S. Sorry for poor knowledge of the language :smiley:

The Best option would be to get your patch to the official repository.

  • Increment version of api/spongeforge/common
  • Install into m2
  • Now you can reference the new apiversion in your plugin gradle /pom files

Could you please discribe what sound I do more informative?

well first of all, SpongeCommon bugfixes shouldn’t really affect the building of your plugin at all, as it should depend on SpongeAPI anyway

If you think you found a bug and have a fix just submit it on GitHub as a Pull Request, even though 1.10.2 is no longer officially supported. We do accept Pull Requests for it!

I suffering from this bug: ExperienceHolderData not Accurate · Issue #340 · SpongePowered/SpongeVanilla · GitHub
Seems like it was fixed, but only for SpongeVanilla:

It fixed in stable-7 branch of SpongeCommon then…

backport it to stable-5, open a PR and hope for the best
though I am curious why this wasnt moved over in the first place, back then stable-5 was still getting fixes