How to Change Name Color

I cant find a plugin or this anywhere. How can I simply change the chat color, no the words said but my charecters name. Example “&4deltagi&f:The words I am saying.” I want something this simple, is there a way I can make a simple plugin in to do this or someone know a plugin to do this.

I would use scoreboard team prefixes.

Is that part of a plugin already made? or is that part of the overall api?

Nucleus’ chat module should be able to accomplish what you are trying to do, but it doesn’t use scoreboard prefixes. For chat itself, you don’t need to use scoreboard prefixes; they are only necessary for nametags (the text above a player’s head) for modification there.

I was looking at that, could you help me find the part of the config where that is. I just moved over form bukkit and some parts aren’t as easy as they were.

You have two options using Nucleus:

  • Set the permission option namecolour on the permission group you wat to change the name colour to the letter colour code you want, using your permissions plugin. (namecolor will work too, I’m British, but tried to cater for US English where admins type things too!)
  • Set chat.templates.default.default-namecolour to the colour/colour code you want in main.conf.

There is a bit of info at that should help you with regards to chat, though I do need to update it.

I was looking at making one a admin group, so admins are in dark red and normal people in white, I tried to add a group called Admins, but not sure how to make me under that list.

Nucleus uses permission plugin groupings, so I guess you’ve done that with a permissions plugin - you need to have the admin group in your inheritance chain. I imagine you’re in an “Owner” group, so setting it’s parent as your admin group should put you in that list.

Best thing to do is to just add the option namecolour=red, namecolour=dark_red, namecolour=c or namecolour=4 to your permission group as an option (or meta in LuckPerms). That should hopefully alleivate it.

namecolor with luckperms as a meta is working well but there is nothing like priority and when I change someones namecolor into another (different as a group namecolor) the group namecolor will override the user namecolor. How to set priority or something like that? thanks