How to change time zone?

Hello, I am a new in this community, and I made a mistake when configuring my profile : I did not inquire the right time zone. So I tried to change this, but I did not find the “timezone” option.
How do I change that ?
Is that a missing feature ?
(or do I just need glasses ?)

Sorry for the possibly bad translation FR->EN…

Doesn’t appear to be a way to do so, although I don’t see the need.

Thank for your answer, hope someone will add this feature…

If it is even needed, I’d suggest you go make an issue here, so that way all discourse forums can have it.

There’s no need to set it. If you have JS enabled (if you don’t, why?), Discourse will automatically adapt the dates to your local computer timezone. Hover on dates, you’ll see the full localized time, check the source code and you’ll see the real non-localized timestamp.

Then why does it prompt for a time zone on sign up? or doesn’t it?

I saw a scroll pane when I created my account. But I didn’t see it anymore.

In fact, the “time zone” option was in youtrack pages…
I know, i’m stupid.

Thank for your answer, indeed I see requests related to time in the debugger panel.

(I don’t know if “indeed” is the right word, but Google translate said it :slight_smile: )

Pas de quoi :wink: