How to customize Vanilla Mob Loot Tables?

I am fairly new at Sponge, so this is quite the deep dive experience going on for me.

Currently, I’m trying to add additional possible drops to vanilla Minecraft mobs.
For example, my server has a limited End size, so to make Elytra renewable and obtainable, I’m trying to make them drop from the ender dragon.

Any tips for how to go about this other than data packs? Thanks.

What api do you want to use. Based on the fact you said “data packs” im assuming API 8 (1.15/1.16).

Sponge 7.3.0 for 1.12.2 is the only API that i have loaded.

Fair enough then. From what I remember the way to do it is listen for the entity create event, check that the entity type being created is a Item and then check the cause stack for the entity that was killed.

Once the event is cancelled then create your own item entities at the position and velocity that the original item was created.

I get its kinda akward. Maybe a better way with entities but thats what i remember from changing block items

thanks for the awesome information.