How to disable coremod.optimizedBlockPos for FoamFix


I am looking to run FoamFix Anarchy, which warns that Sponge users should:
The “coremod.optimizedBlockPos” option collides with Sponge’s own transformations. Please disable it.

Does anyone know how to do this or if it is necessary?

Thank you for your time!

Well, it says to do it, so it’s probably necessary. And it’s referring to its own configuration, not Sponge’s, so you would start by looking in FoamFix’s configuration file.

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Ah, okay. I thought it was referring to Sponge’s configuration. Thanks for the help with that.
I was sure I looked in FoamFix’s configuration file for it and didn’t see it, but I see it now and will disable it.

As a side note, anyone have experience with this mod or BetterFPS to see if it actually helps a Sponge server when there is already so much optimized in Sponge?

Thanks again!

If you open the foamfix.cfg file in your config folder, just change the value of “forceDisable” to true and that should sort you out.

You probably already have figured it out, but I figure I would put this here just in case anyone else has the same question.


This was two years ago.

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