How to disable the anti cheat/anti fly?

i’m in a server with friends, and when we walk, run, run and jump, or something else, we got teleported back, i wanna know if i can disable this thing, and how

Being “teleported back” typically means that there is lag occuring. The actual name of it is “rubber banding” and it’s caused when the place your client (your Minecraft) and the server differ too much that the server believe you are potentially cheating resulting in the server teleporting you back to where it believes you are.

Sadly, there is no way (that I’m aware of) to be able to disable this. You could try allowing the “Allow Flight” found in server.propeties however I believe that trigger will kick you instead of rubber band you.

If Allow Flight doesn’t work, then I would find out what’s causing the lag, if that be traditional lag (based upon the speed and stability of your connection to the server) or server lag (based upon your servers TPS). If it’s the latter then there maybe something we can do

I have this “jumping back” too on my servers, flying elytra is impossible ^^ … Pretty sure it’s something with sponge, since it doesn’t occur without sponge installed. (And the server is stable running on 20tps :slight_smile: )

I was able to fix this by enabling movement-checks=true in sponges sponge.conf and setting moved-wrongly=false in sponges global.conf :slight_smile:
Maybe this helps you as well ^^