How to disable the End?

I need some help on disabling The End because its not necessary for my Pixelmon Server. Anyway i can do this?

You will have to create a Sponge plugin or use a forge mod that does that.

In your Config Folder there is a Worlds folder. In the Worlds folder you will find a folder called The_End. Simply remove or delete it and Bob’s your Uncle.

It just regenerates

??? That’s strange - it worked for me. I’ll fiddle around a bit later and see what else I can come up with

Minecraft will, naturally, generate 3 worlds (even if they were deleted): world, nether, the_end.

Is there a mod that anyone can recommend?

The config for the end isn’t even used unless enabled. It’s just a per world config of the sponge global config, nothing to do with enabling or disabling worlds.