How to draw custom HUD?

I am working on a RPG server project and I need to draw some bars and text on the screen. Is it possible to do so in Sponge or will it be in future? I want to refrain myself showing tones of stats on the scoreboard and modifying the hunger and exp bar.

Right now it is not possible, we have wrtten little to no client-targetted api and are instead focusing on the server for the moment. In the future who knows, I won’t give a definite answer because we don’t know the full shape of what kind of client api features we want yet, but I would say that it is in the realm of possibility. But we haven’t even started thinking about client api yet so I would suggest that you look at forge instead, at least for this.


In future versions of minecraft we may be able to send arbitrary bars to the client:
nothing confirmed, but if this shows up in minecraft I’m sure there will be an API for it.


Thanks guys. Would be amazing to show different bars on the screen but it is something really minor regardless.