[How To] Easy Permissions Conversion to Sponge PEX

Hey guys, just thought I would post a little trick I used to convert to Sponge PEX.
If you are updating your server to 1.8 and need to use Sponge PEX, chances are you may not be familiar with the new permissions.json format. You can easily convert your old permissions.yml from GroupManager or bPermissions or even bukkit PEX to the permissions.json with this tool:


Simply convert the file to a PEX permissions.yml, then place the file in the config folder of Sponge PEX. Delete permissions.json and edit the conf to make the file location in the backend permissions.yml. On the next restart, Sponge PEX will automatically convert the yml to the new json format - no work needed.


Does this really work?

Looking at the site it seems to be made for a really old bukkit version, when permissionAPI was brand new.

Yeah worked for me just fine.
My yml was pretty simple but I don’t think it should make a difference. Even if it is an old bukkit version, technically you could just go back in time and craft the yml for that version. Same function…

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The website doesn’t work fix it please!

@zachincool didn’t imply that he was the owner of the website, so I doubt there’s anything that he, personally, can do to fix it.

Yeah I am not the owner of the website lol
Also, this thread is very old. Why are you even using PEX and not Luckperms?