How to enable GUI console?


at first I thought it is a Forge problem, but know I know it’s a Sponge problem. (Removed Sponge from the mods folder and it worked).

The problem is, that with the Sponge mod the GUI console doesn’t appear anymore.

If I double click the universal.jar, the process is started (I can see it in the task manager) but the GUI doesn’t appear. Therefore I can’t see any output or do any commands.

If I use a terminal, I can see the output and input data, but then the input mixes with the output, making it really hard sometimes to write something. Additionally the GUI shows some more info and looks better.

So why is the GUI deactivated? (I read that Sponge deactivates the GUI due to processor power (but I have 8 cores))
And how can I activate it?

You may have many cores but the server only works on one of the from what I recall.

Currently there is no way to enable the GUI. The Sponge implementation is console only.

Sponge actively disables the gui console because it has been known to cause lag and other issues. Put it simply, don’t rely on the gui console, use command line.

You can enable it however, there’s a configuration option somewhere that I can’t remember where, but you can enable it. @Zidane would know.


ok multicore support may not be implemented, therefore the processor problem is understandable.

However it’s unfortunate that the console is the only option. It’s really troublesome sometimes, when my inputs get disrupted by server messages.


@simon816 is correct in that we disable the GUI and are purely console base (just like CraftBukkit was).

While I don’t have objection in providing a way to turn it back on, it isn’t remotely a priority due to the fact that the console will destroy your server’s performance no matter what specs you have.

You could just use an interface like AMP or Multicraft.

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