How to find out which mod/plugin a command belongs to

Hi there,
I am wondering if there is a way to determine which plugin or mod is associated with a command? Like how a player can hover their mouse cursor over an item or block in their inventory and see that it is from Forestry, for example. Is there something like /whois [command]?

In particular, I am curious as to who controls the /ceil command. I thought it was Nucleus, but I do not see it mentioned in their docs.

Thoughts? Thanks!

It is in fact a client mod which adds the mod text to an item (WAILA, IIRC), and the same would apply here - you’d need an plugin to tell you that.
We can also tell you - give us a mod list.

Run /nucleus info, it creates a text file that tells you every command that is registered on the server and what they are registered to.

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That is assuming nucleus is installed

Sounds like a needed feature that should be transplanted into sponge itself…

Push f3 and h together in the client for additional hover text

Edit: Sorry I thought you were referring to the item texts.

/sponge which command

For example /sponge which nucleus

Primary: Aliases [nucleus:nucleus, nucleus] owned by Nucleus

Aha! That’s what I am looking for TimeTheCat! Perfect! Thank you!
It let me know that /ceil is owned by WorldEdit. Makes sense!

Thanks all for suggestions, etc. Sounds like it is integrated very well into Sponge already.

Also, I found the LuckPerms command /lp tree very valuable.

With that you can get a sense of which nodes belong to which mod and therefore find a set of commands that map to a mod.


Excellent! Thank you.