How to help developing the sponge project?

I know java, and I developed plugins and mods before, but I didnt try to program an exsiting project with code yet. I would love to get an explanation on how to contribute!

If you are familiar with github. You can send pull requests to the sponge repo’s:

Also the docs give a good explanation:

Thanks for the quick response.
Well, I dont have any experience with github. I guess I will just learn a bit more about it.
About the docs… I did a big search and didnt find that link! Thanks a lot!

It’s also handy to hop on #sponge and #spongedev on Esper.NET IRC.
Most devs are there talking/developing.
Feel free to join us/them there.

You can post issues or pull requests on github too, any help is appreciated :wink:

If you feel a bit like sponge got thrown at you, you might want to read our docs as a quick start: