How To Make Players Always Spawn In Hub At Login?


Ok so my issue is that because the server is in offline mode this means that anyone can set a username of another player and join the game therefore exposing the coordinates of that player and therefore possibly their base etc.

So to fix this i want to make a hub that the player spawns into upon login and then when they have logged in with their password they can then teleport to the main world as they where, so that they can carry on from the same position as they where before.

Now, is there any plugin that is available to do this, and if not a plugin then by what method could i accomplish this task? has anyone done this before? Any insight into how it is i would go around doing this would be appreciated.


The community tends to frown significantly on ‘offline mode’ use and not provide solutions for those problems… You might not get a response on this one.


I would normally give a lot more detail, but I do not support OfflineMode in any way. So all i will give you is a recommendation. There are second login plugins (as in when you login onto the server you are required to enter a password as extra security for a normal server). Check the features of those plugins or ask for a feature request.


Thanks for your reply, i was already using one of those but still the issue pertained and i had wasted all day trying to find a solution. So i just decided to turn the server back to online mode instead.


This would be fairly trivial to write a Sponge plugin for, though if you’re looking for an existing solution - Nucleus’s spawn module should do :slight_smile: