How to reload plugins?

How to reload plugins?

  • Stop the server
  • Start the server

There is no faster way as it was in bukkit “/reload”?

/reload was stupid.


it’s not possible since there is a lifecycle of events that happen (ie pre-init, init, post-init, server starting, server started, etc) that only happen once and are required to load things properly, add on top of that the fact that the old version would need to be removed from the loaded objects, it’s a lot of hassle

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This. We decided against supporting /reload as it would cause serious problems with plugins dependencies and such. What already is possible is to hot-reload a plugins config. The plugin has to support this itself, however.


With Bukkit’s simpler system of just an onEnable/onDisable, things were substantially easier to reload. There were only two issues:

  1. You could fill up the PermGen (now Metaspace), using up excess memory.
  2. Ebeans would completely fall over on /reload.

Any server with a standard number of plugins and not using ebeans could safely reload dozens of times, assuming all their plugins were coded with the (correct) assumption that they could be loaded/unloaded in the middle of a server run.

The reality of course was that plenty of plugin devs didn’t write their plugins to handle this, and a /reload would make those plugins fail. These situations were what lead to /reload getting its bad name among most users. Regardless of people’s reasons for not liking it, /reload was a headache and I’m happy to see it not an option on Sponge.


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The /reload command might be upset? :stuck_out_tongue:

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