How to run plugin in IntelliJ

I don’t seem to see the run configuration for server or client in intelliJ so I was wondering how I could set that up manually. I also have sponge and forge installed separately if that makes any difference.

There are two ways in Intelij. The first and official way is to run SpongeGradle (see the docs for the latest - if you have set that up and its just not showing try clicking “view” on the bar at the top then show the gradle panel - that will show all gradle runs you can do including runClient and runserver)

The other way is unofficial but a lot less hassle as you can use whatever build method you like and still gain Intelij tools (such as debug) and thats to setup the server and build process as a “java application” which runs a external java application as if it was part of Intelij run. So you tell intelij to build your plugin in the mods folder and then run the server in “java application” (this way also works with Bukkit)

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