How to solve Netease(China agent) MC limitation on client forge version?


Hi,everybody , i am sponge server owner from China, I have a tough problem now:
MC China agent Netease company for each major version of the MC client just prepared a small version, for client 1.12.2 it is forge2705, after I communicate with them i found they do not plan to upgrade(maybe 1 year,2 year?), (Because 99% of the servers are bukkit, they don’t seem to be paying much attention to forge) .
means that I run the forge2835 sponge, corresponding to the client of 2705, it was quite unfriendly to sponge server, I can only add mod built by 2705, and there are many bugs.
What method can be at runtime will replace the client’s 2705 to 2835 (server owners were only allowed to update or modify the client config, mod dir and other pieces of information),
Thank you very for any help!


Just making sure. Your asking is there a way to update the clients version of forge to the latest on a server?


Yes, update to the same version as the server without restart client.


That would be impossible. When the client loads it loads the forge version. When joining a server the client has already loaded the forge version.

The only way i can think of is creating a mod that works both server and client side. The server sends the mod the forge client and all the mods you want. When the client attempts to join the server, it closes the minecraft version they are playing and boots the forge version downloaded from the server as well as the mods. However this has not been done to my knowledge and could cause a lot of security issues (such as me providing a modified version of forge that copies all data from the clients drive to another server)


I’m not too familiar with Netease’s modifications, but if it’s compatible with joining bukkit-style servers then SpongeVanilla ought to work. If the server is also modded then as @MoseMister said it would be rather difficult to support.


The client process is monitored by the launcher and restarts are not allowed (It may have hooks written by c++ programs that add a shop icon to the left-top coner of client interface)

  1. Server content is completely controlled by the server owner, The server owner is only allowed to submit partial information about the client’s mod/config/resourcepack folder and options.txt in the web pannel, specifying a version of client forge is not allowed
  2. Server is SpongeForge 2835, client is forge2705
  3. I’ve done MD5 calculations on their forge, and they haven’t modified forge


Have you tried running SpongeVanilla?


Do you mean running SpongeVanilla on the client and SpongeForge on the server? Or SpongeVanilla on both ends? (Because I need to add twilight forest, SlashBlade and other mods, so SpongeVanilla installations on the server side may not be appropriate)


To my understanding of the Chinese client, this isn’t possible.

(Again, to my understanding) Minecraft Forge is bundled with the distribution, and therefore it is fixed.


I think MC and Forge should be separate(again , I think), and different forge version may require slightly different libraries


It may be possible to change the forge version by a library version, though my understanding was that is bundled straight in with Minecraft. Even so, I can’t imagine being able to control that from the server :frowning:


Can you review my reply at Jul 28 12:00?
I have the right to control the client mods/config folder, and I can write mod, so where do I start to change forge?


我觉得暴力ASM改Forge版本号说不定可以解决 2333
你可以试试看, 不过兼容性就不好说了 网易对CoreMod 还是没有限制的




Netease is garbage. I think. :roll_eyes:


所以说兼容性不好说 主要看mod 有用到哪些东西了






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