How to teleport a player to exact coords?

Hi, I’m new here.

I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how to simply teleport a player to a specific coord?

Location<World> spawn = ??? //I tried using "Location" but it needs an extent (idk what the hell that is.)
Player player = (Player)src;
player.sendMessage(Text.of("Teleporting to Spawn..."));

An Extent is a 3D volume that can hold blocks, entities etc.
Most commonly, the extent is a World object.

So to create a Location object, you can do the following:

Location<World> someLocation = new Location<>(someWorld, somePosition);

You are correct in using player.setLocation, all we need to do is get the world the player is in so we can create a new Location object.

World playerWorld = player.getWorld();
Location<World> newLocation = new Location<>(playerWorld, spawnPosition);

Where spawnPosition is either a Vector3i or Vector3d.
Then you can set the player to that location


You can do all that in one line like so:

player.setLocation(new Location<>(player.getWorld(), spawnPosition));
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Thank you so much for your reply. So an “extent” represents anything that exists in the world (entities and blocks)? I was under the impression that “extent” meant “extends” in java terms.

I will try this, thank you for your post.

Basically, an extent is a container for entities, blocks, and tile entities (eg chests).

While the most obvious definition is a World, so are Chunks, and also potentially a region plugin could make their regions Extents. Thus you could have region-relative Locations. It’s a very flexible system, and allows you to do things relative to any area of the World.


Thank you for clarifying that. I have a better understanding now.

Minecraft uses a coordinate system to specify the precise geolocation data of game players and other entities in the world. actually, There are different methods to use coordinates to teleport your player character away from the current coordinates.