How to use /give to give pixelmon items

So I have Nucleus essentials. It appears that I am unable to use /give to give pixelmon items. Is there a method that I am unaware of?

Nucleus doesn’t have a /give command afaik. It’s probably another plugin interfering but you could easily use the default minecraft’s give command to get items. use /minecraft:give with the arguments you’d normally enter.

Just tried that, it says its an invalid item.

Then it’s probably an invalid item. Press F3+H to see item IDs.

ahhh ive been doing it wrong. thanks for the help everyone. Appreciated

You can use something like this:
/give [player] pixelmon:poke_ball [amount] [damage if required (ie. the orbs)]

all itemids are casesensitive (lowercase required)

Okay, I don’t know if you’re going to read this. Right now, in the update, it’s /pokegive. So for me, I could easily say, /pokegive @p charmander s. The s to make it shiny, and a shiny charmander will appear in my ‘inventory.’ So, I hope I helped you, or someone else out by making this comment, I had to actually make an account to respond, xD

@puppup Thanks for the reply, but this was a 13 month old topic, and the person was specifically asking about pixelmon items, not the pixelmon themselves.

This whole thread is probably slightly off-topic anyway.

This looks solved, so to prevent further replies or bumps I’m going to lock it.

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