How to use the Death Event

Yes Quick question for my fellow developers. I’m trying to code an event that’ll happen during a zombie death…can someone get me started ? i believe it uses the Death code. But other than that i’m Kind of stumped :slight_smile: thank you

Just like any other event, you create a listener for it

public void onEntityDeath(DestructEntityEvent.Death event) {
    // Some logic here

Use event.getTargetEntity() to get the entity that’s just died

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AMAZING!!! THANK YOU LOL mine is way tooo big that simplifies things thanks :slight_smile:

how would i grab a player that’s the cause?

event.getCause right? but what else? :slight_smile:

		Player player = event.getCause().first(Player.class).get();

Like in other events you can query the cause for certain types.
To see if a player caused the death, you do:

public void onEntityDeath(DestructEntityEvent.Death event) {
    Optional<Player> optPlayer = event.getCause().first(Player.class);
    if (optPlayer.isPresent()) {
        Player player = optPlayer.get();
        // The player caused the entity to die
    } else {
        // The entity died from a non-player cause

You can also use the new event filtering

public void onEntityDeath(DestructEntityEvent.Death event, @First Player player) {
     // Only gets called when the player was the cause

these…don’t seem to work :confused:

i get this error :frowning:


help please

I’m going to take a guess you need to update Sponge but without a full log it’s hard to tell

Then again it looks like your trying to initialize an object that doesn’t exist. Let’s see your code

ok so

public void onEntityDeath(DestructEntityEvent.Death event, @First Player player) {
    player.sendMessage(Texts.of("Ha you Dirty Man"));

Should send the player responsible a message yes? :slight_smile:

cause right now on version 951 it does absolutely nothing :slight_smile:

I think the killer appears as a DamageSource, more precisely an EntityDamageSource
So you’d have to get the entity from the EntityDamageSource and check if it is a Player

Yes that’s it @Saladoc is correct, it’s an EntityDamageSource

It is often useful to print out the event.getCause() when debugging to see what’s actually happening

Cause[{Name=Source, Object={EntityDamageSource{Name=player, Type=attack, Source=EntityPlayerMP['Player740'/398, l='Test1', x=223.66, y=65.79, z=78.30]}}}, {Name=Victim, Object={EntityChicken['Chicken'/702, l='Test1', x=224.23, y=66.26, z=75.37]}}]

ok so slight issue got the main part fixed…and is working now…but when i try to use

if (event.getTargetEntity().equals(EntityTypes.Zombie)){
//this code doesn’t work


you want to use event.getTargetEntity().getType().equals(EntityTypes.ZOMBIE)

Remember, Entity is not the same as EntityType