How will Sponge Handle modifications?

They say the sponge API will be the same on all platforms. How will the API handle things like, adding new items, which can be done on forge, but not on glowstone.

It’s a plugin API, so modded items will be handled the same as vanilla items I guess. The API won’t enable developers to add new Blocks / Items / Entities to the game itsself anyway.

BTW, your title says client modifications. These modifications don’t change anything if the server doesn’t have them.

I was under the impression that sponge would permit new additions to game code.

Basically if the client needs to download it then it needs to be a forge mod

From what i’ve understood if the client is using forge then it will just add the block, though I think you’ll also be able to replace blocks as in bukkit.

There are talks about having a sponge client api, but that would be in the far future. The initial goal of sponge is to provide a server-side only API. That API will have similar capabilities as Bukkit had. So no, you won’t be able to add new blocks or items in the near future.

Bukkit you could “add” blocks. You basically replaced them, and had to handle them yourself.

@LordLambda Well that is not the thing the OP asks for.

From what I understand, the API is to plugins that won’t need to be modified between MC versions. If your plugin adds items, that might not work in the next MC version (item would exist in vanilla or item# would be used).

They could add that feature in Sponge, but it’d have to raise not implemented on glowstone etc. Which might not be a good idea. You would probably be better off just making a mod, or wait for the Mojang API.

It was more of an explanation to some questions about the feature of how it will be implemented.