How will YOU contribute?

Asking a question I would love to see answers to. I know for a fact that some of us are not coders, so I figure that asking would be nice.

Me? I can’t code, and my drawing skills are shoddy at best. So, I plan to use the power of my YouTube channel to make videos on Sponge Plugins.

How about you?

I seriously don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:
I made a thread similar to this about how I could help support sponge. Still looking forward to someone replying to this to give me some ideas…
I want to see this thrive, something better than bukkit ever was :open_mouth:

Their plan for setup is wayyyyy better than bukkit

Well… This, and here is the (semi)final test version of my contribution, really. :)
Although, I hope there to be more from em in the future. :)

For me I plan to help out with stuff on the forums, answering questions and stuff, I also plan to be one of the early adopters of the API (as a lot of other people are too).

I hope to contribute code and moderate the forums :slight_smile:
And make plugins (or modules, whatever) for Sponge

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I will also help on youtube if the plugin configuring is easy enough for me (I cannot code).
Also I will give useful suggestions here on the forums.

I’m ultimately an end user so no… but I will SUPPORT!!

Well testing and report bugs is all I can do. Don’t know much about Java. :smile:

I’ll report bugs (if I find some) and will of course create plugins! Sponge is awesome :smiley:

Planning on being a wiki curator if a wiki ever comes about, as well as a bug reporter and general community guy.

A few things:

  • Helping to develop the community. This involves forum games and sharing my knowledge on what I know that may benefit the community’s understanding of Sponge Minecraft Logic, etc.
  • Continuing to examine Sponges source code and see whats implemented, and create pull requests on what is missing.
  • Spreading awareness by telling others of the project
  • Spending time in IRC (this is a mix of spreading awareness/building community)
  • I may also look into creating an unofficial FAQ, so long as it does not provide misleading information.

Most importantly I try to give the developers space.

I plan on learning the API to make plugins, message in the community, help out others as much as I can, and stick around the forums moderating / reporting posts.

I plan to make some basic plugins as I need them, and to assuredly test alpha and beta builds on my server.

Make good plugins. Make fun plugins. Make useless plugins. Possibly work for some Sponge servers. And of course, help the community.

I have no idea, but I would love to help in any way I possibly could.

I would generally be on the forums I like helping.

Code plugins that are as lightweight as possible

I hope I can be of some use. I only know basic Java (taking it in High School) and am horrible at art. Maybe I could be a plugin beta tester or something? I am good at reporting bugs…