How will YOU contribute?

yeahhh. You and me, bringing Sponge to YouTube

I will definitely support the development of the platform as a whole, I have a lot of experience in both Java itself and the forge platform so I think I could be use in coding, hopefully I can find a way to contribute to the code without adding to the mass chaos that exists with PRs right now. I can also help with plugin porting if needed.

Good queation. If project will turn out good, I’d like to donate some $$ to keep it running.
Keeping the forums clean and maybe some coding.

Oh no sorry I did not mean totally leave, I mean I won’t submit a sponge logo concept. I think it’s fine to ask when they want it by; I mean, they might already have too many. I"ve got work to do; no point doing one now if they’ve got what they like already, or if there’s only one day to go.
But being told I’ve done something illegal; well that’s a bit rude. It was a simple question.
No way will I leave, I’m here to help.

Also, can anyone get for me a copy of the terms of agreement that was set up for modders to agree to for producing mods? I want to assess the legality of it.
For one thing, if any of you were under 18 at time of agreeing to this (in 2011 was it?), it’s invalid, totally. You could then sue Microsoft if they use your ideas.
But there are many other aspects to terms of agreement that nullify them. I’d like to see where you guys stand if the worst happens and Microsoft begins to steal. For one thing, it seems already that although you agreed not to sell the mods, you certainly could use your ideas to turn them into your own game platform; I doubt there’s anything to prevent that. But I’d like to see it. Most terms of agreement have to be very clear; if they are a wall of text, they are again invalid. Hope someone can PM me that.

@Sickmind33 was just referring to the rules on that thread. You can of course make a new thread to ask when they want the logo by, but I think they’ll be accepting them until they’ve found one they like the most.

Those are the rules by @sk89q on this thread: Submit your logo design

Also on that thread, sk89 comments saying to make new forums with other questions:

i just got started recently in the MC world due to my 7 year old son’s interest. setup some vanilla, FTB, tekkit and pixelmon multiplayers for him and a few friends and was just getting my feet wet with bukkit when all hell broke loose.
been a sysadmin, linux guru and tech adventurer for some 25 years and would love to contribute in any way i can, whatever is needed (can’t code, but good at debugging) - forum mod, server admin, tech support - just ask and i’ll do my best to help.

Im learning Java to be prepared to learn to make Sponge plugins (lol) .

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I plan on just being Erotic.

I plan on hanging around the forums helping out those who need it and inserting my opinion here and there. I may end up hanging out in IRC a lot too.

Doing my best on posting high quality content on the forums & trying to contribute using PRs.
Edit: Oh yes, I’m also willing to translate plugins/the Sponge-documentation into my native language, German.

Of course I am a plugin developer, but I can help also for French language messages.

If I wasn’t so busy with university work, I would have contributed so much more to Bukkit in the past, and Sponge now. Right now the least I can do is port Kits over, but as much as I’d like to get my hands dirty with Sponge, it probably won’t happen any time soon, which is a shame, because Sponge seems like an amazingly well-managed platform under the circumstances.

I found the time to design a logo for you guys though, if that counts as a contribution.

  • Idling on IRC
  • Lurking on the forums and sometimes add my 2 cents
  • Stalking the project’s evolvement everywhere
  • I’m not a great Java fan, so I probably won’t work on Spigot itself
  • I’m waiting to get a reply for the website form I filled, I’d like to work on it.

I’ll help code wise and I’ll probably make some usefull plugins.

How do i plan to contribute?

  • Well i plan on beta / grief testing the server / backend.
  • I plan on making tutorials on setting up and hosting servers.
  • Ill most likely assist in wiki articles on the matter as well.

And just about anything else that needs to be done that i can do!

I will contribute by doing whats best for the community. Like making some useful plugins and maybe mods. Helping out other people and mainly by having fun!

~ xxmarijnw

I’m spreading the news about sponge to other server owners and friends. Cant wait to be able to implement this on my own server. Currently using an old version of cauldron so it will be a nice upgrade.

I’ll write some plugins and generally annoy the community ^^

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You!!! Stop annoying me!

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