How Will You Install Plugins?

So I know that Sponge is going to be a Forge Core mod (correct?). So, when the actual server comes out, how will you install plugins? Do you just put it in the forge server mods folder? Or will Sponge generate a new folder?

Can someone please tell me?

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If I’m correct, I believe they will probably be installed in their own folder.

This is just what I believe I remember it to be, don’t take it as anything more than a guess right now.

Okay, thanks! This seems like a good way to do it. I don’t think it would be very good to have to put them in the mods folder, xD.

It depends on the implementation.

I would like to see separate folders for mods, plugins, configs and worlds.

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I am afraid this isn’t the case, if you look to the current implementation plugins are registered as FML mods. Also I remember from the first implementation versions, that the testplugin had to be installed in the mods folder. In some way it does make sense, why would you make a second class loader if forge already has one.

EDIT: yep: Sponge/ at 797bcb444566d22613ef96d85c628ee24779eac6 · SpongePowered/Sponge · GitHub

Someone has to pull a request to forge to define a custom mod-container directory :smile:. And whe have our plugins directory back ;).


Hmm. It does make sense in a way for them to be in the mods folder. I just think it might be easier to manage if they were in seperate folders. One for mods and one for plugins. That way you wouldn’t have to look all around the folder for mods and plugins. But, eh, I’m fine with either one, really.

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Oh that is interesting.
I always thought Sponge is gonna get a “plugin”-folder like Bukkit.
I kinda dislike teh idea of Sponge plugins not being separated from Forge mods. On the otehr hand it may open up new possibilities…

From the SpongeDocs:

2017 UPDATE:

In order to install plugins, place them into the “mods” folder of your game or server directory.

I hope that helps. Remember to check the Docs first!

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this is going to depend on what implementation you use of the Sponge API

There’s gonna be different implementations? Are they just like, versions?

Forge is the officially supported implementation, however other server software from other people, such as glowstone or granite, will implement sponges API later on.

Ahhh, I see. Thanks.

you will NOT be getting a “plugin” folder back

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And why not? ^^


Hmmm probably because the dependence on forge is to big.
@progwml6 if forge would made it possible to add an extra load folder to the class-loader, would sponge us that than?
I mean I agree with the mods folder thing. But this change will make a lot of sponge newbies spam this forum. And I am not looking forward to that xD.

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I have proved that with the power of mixins, you can get FML to search and load plugins in a ./plugins folder, so that shouldn’t be an issue. (The mixin code I made is not create, however I will PR it if the sponge team are interested)

pls gist it ;-;. I wanna see :smiley:.

Do you mean basically make a “renamed” mods folder so your mods would still go in there, or do you mean it would be possible to make them seperated?

Also, I’m not really sure about them going in the mods folder. I think it would be more organized with a whole new plugins one. But I guess because it depends on forge that’s not really the best way.

That wouldn’t be possible. Because the moment that forge loads mixins it still loads from the mods folder. I just guess he changed the folder File to a List<file> and made the forge system iterate over it :smile:.

It’s simpler than that, FML has a ModDiscoverer class and I simply called findModDirMods(pluginDir)

I’ll post a gist, but first I’ll make it better (I just wanted to see if it worked, but was not done properly)

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