Huge strip of chunks disappeared from

Anyone know what causes this on random server start up?

It’s not a visual error. They are actually gone from the map.

Did you use MCEdit on it?

Nope. I think it’s a worldedit/sponge/forge glitch or something. We didn’t even select any areas with worldedit though.

by saying “We” you already know the answer. Someone else goofed something and doesn’t remember or isnt saying.

WE keeps a log, your server keeps logs, just unpacking them takes a bit of work first - but easy enough to search through for we commands (esp set air or set 0 as would be that case) and find the ah-ha.

It likely was someone accidentally setting something with the second setpoint not set where they thought (ie, assigning the start-point twice as the range for a different operation) “and then they crashed out” maybe, or didnt notice something, and didn’t think about it, and re-did the right region they wanted to clear out…

Maybe, it’s possible some chunk corruption happened after an unclean shutdown or something.

This wasn’t a worldedit glitch or mistaken position. It was not caused by “we”.
I have already looked through logs. Nobody had access to pos1 or pos2, let alone was anyboy within the distance this chunk error is. It is over 1000 blocks long, stretching into parts of the map that nobody has been to.

This is a forge chunk error, perhaps sparked by sponge.

Yeah I have seen reports of other Forge servers doing this on rare occasion so I’ll just assume it was a random chunk error.

That’s incredibly odd. If true I’d suspect it to be a bug with worldgen not with chunk corruption, unless it ends on a region boundary.

Chunk corruption would only affect stuff that’s already been visited / generated.

The part that makes me go “doesn’t look like a chunk issue / glitch issue” is the fact that its not down-to-void as it would be in such cases, you can see the layers of bedrock in the image… Pretty odd glitch to wipe the entire vertical except for a few in a PERFECT flat bottomed air-rectangle.


Yeah very strange indeed. Shame I will never know what caused it :frowning:

Yeah that’s strange, I should have looked better.

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Here’s an idea: Connect to the server with a SpongeForge client. Press F3 to open the debug menu, then look at the blocks on the walls of the chunk error and check the Notifier. If someone’s name is shown there, it’s probably their fault in some way or another.

That’s a good idea, except if it was done via direct setting rather then through cause tracking it may have incorrect information. So take what you see with a grain of salt, and check multiple blocks.

I think you could also check the owner of the air, if you were able to somehow test for it, the F3 screen doesn’t work on AIR, so you will likely need some sort of command to return the owner and notifier of a given block co-ordinate.

if he happened to have a plugin that flattened bedrock post-gen, it could have created the flat bottom.

just an image really is no help, provide a mod-list as well as logs. then maybe someone may be able to help you figure things out a bit.