Hunger Event or Preventing Hunger

How would I go about preventing players from losing hunger? I see there is Keys.FOOD_LEVEL, but I would assume it should be prevented through an event, and I can’t figure out which to use.

Eventually, the plan is to have some sort of unified event for listening to data change. At the momene, there’s really not much you can do, unfortunately :frowning:

As a temporary solution, you could create a repeating task which sets there hunger to full.

@Aaron1011 alright, well it’s good to know there’s plans for something!

@meguy26 I actually had that exact thought at some point! Or I could make a command like /feed that players could use. But I really like the repeating task. I’ll use that for now, thanks!

@Aaron1011, was it added yet?

Unfortunately, not yet. It’s still planned, though.

@Aaron1011 any updates on this? If it’s not implemented yet, could you please provide the relevant issue?