Husk vs. Sponge

No, I called my last post off topic.

Jesus. I can’t believe people don’t see husk is a joke website. Seriously people. Why is this even being discussed?


To waste some time, I think ^^

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'cause we’re bored and trying to wait patently for the sponge devs.


Aye. We’re just waiting. There are three things you can do when you’re bored and waiting for Sponge:

  1. Disscuss something on the forums
  2. Sit in the IRC and wait for someone to write something
  3. Open PRs on GitHub

Please do not open any PRs …

Makes me feel even more bored,… . But I understand that it is unmanageable… .

What the heck is this.


You say Husk is Bukkit only, yet it has it’s own API.

Does it? I haven’t seen any public repo for Husk. Just hear-say. Either one or neither could be true at this point.

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You mean ‘What the husk is this?’

…I’ll show myself out

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Thats no repo, Its an nonfunctional download page!

True, but I suppose the point is that it’s supposed to have an API. Which I kinda doubt.

I know it’s not a repo. I was showing that they are advertising an API

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Hello everyone, this is my response to the claims made by @TelFiRE about Husk, and the Husk project in general


  1. Husk is ready now
  2. Husk has the full backing of Microsoft and Mojang
  3. The developers of Husk are being paid full time to develop Husk
  4. Husk has “A wealth of plugins that already work right away”


  1. Husk is currently in “Closed testing”, and has no source code nor API downloadable anywhere, and the only tangable evidence is a screenshot of a cmd window
  2. If Microsoft or Mojang is backing Husk, they have made no indication as to such
  3. The developers of Husk are completly unknown, there is no list anywhere, and there is no evidence that there is money to start with (see #2)
  4. Unless all those plugins are also in “Closed testing”, or unannounced, there are none. (not including all the bukkit plugins that could work using their “Experimental” Bukkit compat layer)

Other points:

  1. The Husk website has links on the bottom of the page that say “Developer Center”, “Source Repository”, and “Husk User Documentation”, none of which point to anything
  2. Husk claims to be open source, yet there is nothing at all available, no source, binary, or even API available
  3. There is no Fourm or issue tracker–which I guess wouldn’t be necessary considering no one can test it
  4. The company name is Enterprise Minecraft, and the website mentions a Signature Scanning Technology, both of which ring alarm bells because they are often used to make things sound bigger and more special than they really are
  5. The logo in the bottom right of the Husk website says “Enterprise Minecraft, a division of OpenPlay”, OpenPlay–and thus Enterprise Minecraft–doesn’t seem to exist, except for a library developed by Apple under the same name
  6. There is no documentation whatsoever on the Husk website
  7. The only places I’ve been able to find Husk mentioned is on reddit, the Husk website, the Sponge forums, and here

I don’t have anything against Husk itself, but there seems to be a lack of evidence for its existence and authenticity.

I looked into this because of the ferocity of @TelFiRE’s defense, and the good points–many of which I stole to make this post–made by many of the other forum members.

If anyone can enlighten me as to why any of these points is false, I would be glad to hear it.


And the minecraft monday show.

If husk is really existing and if the “facts” you postet here are true, there is still one thing because Husk will never be my favorite: It is commercial. Sponge is Open Source and awesome - something Husk will may never be! Sponge has a community, Sponge is loved by the community - Husk has nothing of both. SO WHICH IS BETTER NOW??? ^^

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I created a poll to see the community opinion

(instead every user posts here xD)


Husk dev here. I’ve never heard of sigscanning algorithms used as a buzzword.