Husk vs. Sponge

So Husk… “the messiah” arrived on earth, telling Sponge that it will be beat.
Alright sarcasm off.

I’d like us to discuss here whether Husk will beat Sponge, as it asserts.

Some infos:

  1. The Husk Website
  2. The Husk Reddit

Claims by Husk/Husk-Supporters:

Let the discussion begin.

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I’d like to include my opinion from another thread.

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Well, if they have anything at all they are not being very transparent about it.


That’s what makes me think this:

Beyond that, all the related posts here at sponge have been strictly inflammatory in nature, so they may just be fake competition for the lolz.


Also check out the fake links on the bottom of the website. Its just text but no links. It smells like a project of a 14 year old child.


A quick whois on the domain says it’s hosted by ovh ( for $2.99/month. I would think it unlikely that a your average 14y old would spend 3 bucks a month on trolling a massive comunity.

And a poke around at invokestatic ( the person responsible for the redit post in question it seems he is a long time troll on redit.


If it’s a rich kid, well.
However, maybe they actually think they’ll stand a chance against Sponge; which is unlikely.

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Their supporters shouldn’t come posting inflammatory posts.

But we shouldn’t bash them either.

It’s true that they are making a lot of promises, but we will have to see.


I’m trying not to bash them and keep this mature. I want this to be a clean discussion.

Husk claims to use a permissive license, yet nothing is open. They will have to implement a clean room version of an implementation of the bukkit API to do the bukkit part. This is going to be difficult. So far there is no evidence that anything concrete has been done, and Husk is remarkably opaque. There is no evidence that Mojang or Microsoft is backing Husk. In fact, beyond a largely inoperative website, there is no evidence whatsoever that Husk actually exists.

I think we simply need to ignore them and see what happens. My only concern is having precious resources in the Sponge community spend time engaging in Husk discussions, thereby detracting from moving Sponge forward.

I do believe we need to keep a watch on some of the Husk people on this forum, as some troll-like posts have been done.



In my opinion, I’ve seen all 3 of the projects that have popped up this month. (The arrow project, sponge, and husk) Of course as people have mentioned about it already, husk pretty much has nothing to back up its claims, so until they have anything to show, I would say it’s best to just ignore them.

Husk has nothing but a website, no downloads, no source code, no community. They don’t even have valid links. I see nothing special about it.

I read somewhere that it’s basically impossible ( or extremely, extremely hard to pull off) such a thing?

I agree, I wouldn’t bother if I were them.

Not really all that hard. It’s a bit easier than writing a whole new API /then/ implementing a clean room version of that. (IE, what sponge is doing).

Husk looks to plan to mimic the Bukkit API. Which could be neat. But if WorldEdit and other top plugins stop releasing Bukkit-api updates, it’s useless.

That in itself would be enough to switch over.


Hmm, this is just my opinion but, all of these people that are saying that, “Husk is going to be way better than sponge because it has paid employees working on it full time”. This is like someone rocking up to a cricket match or some other sport, with all of the best gear that it is the newest and cost the most money, but has no idea about how to play or work with there team mates, in this case not work with the community.


I’m not sure if this is a bad comment or against the rules if so i’ll remove it… but Sponge’s name is better than Husk…

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