⚙️ HuskyConfigurator [v1.0.0-PRE1] - Easy-To-Use Plugin Configuration

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Do you find writing configs confusing? Maybe you’re a developer and you can’t, for the life of you, figure out a decent way to write your configs that are understood by most users. Maybe your plugin is just too complex for people to type configs.
HuskyConfigurator may be your solution.

:exclamation:HuskyCrates Users :exclamation:

Scroll to the bottom of this topic for the download links for the HuskyCrates-flavored version of HuskyConfigurator.

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:thinking: Is this just for HuskyCrates?

No, in fact, it isn’t! This project can be forked by anyone and manipulated to do whatever they need for their purposes. You’ll need to know a thing or two about JS, HTML and Bootstrap 4, but otherwise it’s really easy to make a nice looking interface.
This application, yes, was built around HuskyCrates but there isn’t anything stopping you from using this with GoldenPigs, CheesePoints or WackyEconomy.

:face_with_monocle: For everyone, for simplicity.

It is incredibly easy to “Theme” your configurator. Changing the header color is almost enough to change the entire look and feel of your configurator.

:newspaper: Developer Note

If you use HuskyConfigurator, feel free to change the navbar title from HuskyConfigurator to your plugin’s name. Please make sure that HuskyConfigurator or myself is credited somewhere visible on the page at all times. (e.g. not hidden behind a button, but if you have to scroll to see it because of a long table, that’s totally cool!) This is partially so that I get some credit, but mostly so other developers (and future developers) know that this exists!

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v1.0.0-PRE1 of HuskyConfigurator Released!

Initial pre-release of HuskyConfigurator!


  • Crate Creation
  • Modification of crate display name, type, crate ID
  • Creation and complete* editing of crate items and rewards
    • Excluding itemOverride in item rewards, but not many people use it so whatever
  • Customization of Crate Particles and Free Crate settings
  • Crate Particle Preview!


  • Crate Block setting
    • With basic support for preview of certain blocks
  • Crate Key setting
  • showRewardsOnLeft and scrambleRewards options
  • Crate and Global Lang configuration