HuskyCrates - CratesReloaded. But for Sponge. And free. :)

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Do you know that plugin called CratesReloaded that costed money to just allow you to use some cool crate GUI with some fancy-smancy particle effects? Well, I’m bringing that to Sponge, and for free! Because I’m not greedy and partially because I can’t sell this on the forums. :3 andbecauseiwouldn’tanywayunlesssomeonecommisionedit

But yeah, this is a crate plugin. Go look at the media, since I’m one of the devs that do that on this site.

Custom Crate Types?

Get your crates customized by the developer of this plugin (me) for a fee! If you want your crates to be super cool and themed to your server, you’ve come to the right place. Sorta. Go here for more information on how this will work. Or just contact me with what you want.


Please note that not all of these features are implemented at first release

  • Allows users to open crates! (which are placed by the owner in a set location)
  • Multiple “crate” types if you want to use something that looks way worse than the CSGO style (this is garenteed not in v1.0)
  • A “unique probability system”
  • Easy customization via the config
    • Set crates to use different types of containers like Ender Chests and even Shulker Chests.
    • Simple Name, Enchantment and Lore system for item enteries
    • Each chest type comes with per-chest configurable key names, lore and even item type!
      • Global key settings will be available
    • Set custom particle effects, and possibly even [a] math equation(s) for the particles to follow!
    • Floating nametag with the colored chest label.
  • Use this to give your players OP stuff by making them pay for keys or something.


Unique probability system ;3

v0.8.5 spinner demo, with chance system working

v0.10.0 livestream


It takes time and effort to make these plugins. Even though code is my guilty pleasure and my soul, I still would like motivation money from time to time. If you’re feeling it, donate here.
Also, keep in mind that if you’re making money off of keys and such through this plugin, I extremely reccomend donating a bit to me on occasion. It helps give me a reason to work on this plugin.


I am aware that GPLv3 allows you to redistribute this plugin wherever you want for the most part. While you can do this, I would like to personally request that you do not make a forum topic or mod page for this plugin on other sites without letting me know. I kinda want to manage how my plugin is portrayed, so I’ll most likely post it myself there if you ask. Thanks!~

Remote Connection Notice

HuskyCrates will contact the GitHub API to see if it is up to date. If it is not, it will warn the server owner in the logs. That is currently the only “phoning home” this plugin does.

Discord Support / Suggestions

Click here!


A new version has been released for HuskyCrates, it is available for download here.

HuskyCrates is officially at version 1.0.0!

New features:

  • Custom particle ring coloring
    • Configuration details posted in the Wiki
  • Custom crate-specific key item ids
    • e.g. minecraft:dirt
  • Spinner crate options implemented (details in wiki)
    • dampening
    • maxClicks
    • minClickModifier
    • maxClickModifier

Note that this release does not fix the ongoing conversion issues with certain Forge modpacks. It is highly recommended that you update, though, and use an alternative method of converting noted in the Wiki.

A new version has been released for HuskyCrates, it is available for download here.

Check github ;3

A new version has been released for HuskyCrates, it is available for download here.


  • New “damage” value for the item format (any valid item, including the root-level display item.
  • New “keyDamage” value for the Key override (inside options)