Hwo to install plugins?

We play with my daughter, we would like to install plugins - but I’m atechnical … Until recently I couldn’t log into Minecraft servers. I would be grateful for some instruction

There are a lot of instructions on how to do stuff with Sponge on the Sponge docs, if you don’t understand something or its not on it then we are more then happy to help.


As for installing plugins. Its the following steps.

  1. choose a Sponge plugin to download (please note that it must be a Sponge plugin, plugins for other platforms will not work)
  2. download that plugin
  3. click and drag it into your servers “mods” folder.
  4. turn on your server
  5. result

(you can see if it installed by typing the following into the server console)

sponge plugins

If you want a place full of Sponge plugins to download, I would recommend Ore which is the official place to download Sponge plugins.

Thank you a lot - I will try tonight

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